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Gardener Starter Kit

Build Your Own Set

Love gardening, but feel like you don't have the right tools to take on next season? We have got you covered. Our Gardening Starter Kit features a selection of our highest-quality garden items that you will be able to use from spring to fall, from this year to the next. Choose as few as one or buy them all for the complete set!

Forged Carbon Steel Hand Pruners: This will be your right-hand tool (or whichever hand you're most comfortable with). You can use it to cut back and trim bushes, flowers, veggies, and invasive plants. They have a seriously sharp pair of curved blades, a solid presence in hand, and a tough, responsive center spring that will stand up to all the work you can throw at it.

Vintage Inspired Garden Trug: Picture yourself this spring and summer heading out to your garden loading up this brilliantly shiny garden basket with tools to work in your garden and coming back with veggies, fruits, herbs, or flowers.

Galvanized Steel Seed Starter Tray: When you read seed packets, you may see that they often recommend starting them indoors before planting them outdoors. That's because plants are at their most vulnerable going from seed to seedling. With this seed starter tray, you can protect them from unexpected frost and hungry scavengers, while they focus on building a solid root system and improving their viability for when they are ready to be planted.

Long Bladed Folding Harvest Knife: Come summertime, this will be a helpful tool for harvesting and cutting back some extra brush. The shape of the handle makes it comfortable to use. Folds small enough to drop into a jacket or apron pocket.

Grampa's Weeder: A Garrett Wade best-seller and for good reason. Customers love how easy this tool makes weeding the backyard. No more bending over or hand pulling weeds.

Gardener's Canvas Arm Protectors: When you need to tame a wild shrub or two, these arm protectors will help protect you from getting scratched up by thorns, a wayward branch, or poison ivy. Measure 17.5" in length and can fit over long sleeved shirts.

Exceptionally Strong "Hori-Hori": a do-it-all garden tool. This helps with loosening soil, weeding, light root chopping, and other essential tasks in the garden.

Individual Items

  • Forged Carbon Steel Hand Pruners

  • Vintage Inspired Garden Trug

  • Long Bladed Folding Harvest Knife

  • Canvas Arm Protectors

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