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Green Glass Insect Trap

These gorgeous, hive-shaped glass bulbs are a centuries-old way to trap flying insects, and they couldn’t be easier to use. You just fill the bottom inside with any kind of sweet liquid – sugar water, beer, fruit juice (you can experiment) – which attracts both indoor pests, like fruit flies, and outdoor ones like wasps. The bugs fly up through the hole in the bottom and eventually fall in the liquid and drown. With its three short legs, it can sit on a table or picnic bench where it works best, but you can also hang it from a tree branch or plant hook by its wire hanger. To clean, just periodically uncork the top and dispose of the liquid and dead bugs. Hand-blown of glass, to our specifications, in two bright and beautiful colors, green or orange. About 8" tall. Comes with a cork and wire hook. Minor variation in size should be expected.

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  • Green Glass Insect Trap


    Green Glass Insect Trap

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