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Japanese Ryoba Saw with Adjustable Depth-Stop

This special Japanese Ryoba Saw has the square ended profile of a classic Japanese woodworker's saw, plus an additional feature that will make it really stand out: a fully adjustable depth stop bar that lets you control the cutting depth. As a result, you can wield it with precision when depth control is critical, and it's especially suited for making repetitive shallow cuts. The steel guard has easy-grip wingnuts to hold the blade firmly in place, from just over tooth depth to 4.6cm. (The blade is also replaceable should ever need to replace it.) The comfortable bamboo handle is tightly wrapped in rattan for a traditional look and feel. Measures 12⅝” long overall. Like all Japanese saws, it cuts on the pull stroke when the blade is under tension. Made in Japan.

Replacement blades for the Ryoba Saw are also available for individual purchase.

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  • Japanese Ryoba Saw with Adjustable Depth-Stop

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    Japanese Ryoba Saw with Adjustable Depth-Stop

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