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Original Lap Weaving Loom

Weaving is a skill and an art form that truly activates both sides of the brain – creative and logical. While hand weaving was born out of necessity for things like clothing, baskets, and floor mats, the invention of the loom opened the door to artistry. The Original Lap Weaving Loom is the perfect entry point for children and adults alike who want to learn how to combine warp and weft.

Geared toward ages seven and up, this kit will activate the brain as you choose colors and patterns while developing motor skills and understanding spatial relationships. An illustrated booklet simplifies the process, so the user can learn at their own pace.

Lap Weaving Room Specifications

With a 12” x 16” hardwood frame that rests easily on a table, floor, or lap, the loom is as portable as it is durable. It also comes with a wooden shed stick and two wooden stick shuttles, plus enough 100% virgin wool weft yarn and 100% cotton warp string to complete one 9” x 14” project.

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Individual Items

  • Original Lap Weaving Loom


    Original Lap Weaving Loom

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