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Pizza Enthusiast Gift Set

It used to be that restaurants and pizza shops had the advantage over us home cooks, with blazing-hot ovens capable of heats much higher than a typical consumer kitchen oven could produce. But the tools and techniques to enjoy a life-changingly good pizza at home exist; this gift set will set you on the right path. And it all begins with the most important part: the point of contact with the pizza crust. A nearly indestructible upgrade over a conventional pizza stone, our Spun Iron Pizza Plate has a 15” diameter, ¼” thick cooking surface that can easily handle temperatures up to 840ºF. Its one-piece construction makes it a rock-solid, multi-generational cooking tool that’s equally at home in a brick pizza oven, a home oven, or even over a crackling autumn campfire. Pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil, with use and proper care, it will become nonstick over multiple uses as it seasons.

Once your pizza is out and cool enough to slice, you’ll want to portion it out with our gorgeous Olivewood Handled Pizza Knife. Made in France from sharp, durable stainless steel, it delivers a long, clean, straight cut without messing up your perfectly melty cheese and (if you’re doing it right) copious toppings. The blade shape is similar to an Italian mezzaluna (“half moon”) knife, and indeed it excels at other kitchen tasks like chopping herbs and veggies. Measures 17 ¼” long and looks great hanging on the wall to boot.

The three piece grater set, made in Italy, includes the three flat pieces (all 12 x 4 ¾”) – a Slicer, a fine Grater, and a coarse Grater. They are stainless steel and strong enough to hold up for years of use. Cherry wood handle insets give them a distinctive feel. 

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  • Pizza Set

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    Pizza Enthusiast Gift Set

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