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Portrait Grow Frames

We like to think that a healthy houseplant needs an ample supply of water, light, and love—but that middle one can be tricky, especially in apartments, basement rooms, and offices, where natural daylight just isn’t in ample supply.  Commercially available grow lights exist but are rarely something you’d want to display. 

The Grow Frame presents a really ingenious solution.  As the name suggests, it’s a framed platform for a houseplant, but the real magic is hidden from view, suspended from the top of the frame: 92 CRI-rated full-spectrum LED lights, designed to mimic direct sunlight and capable of providing all the light a plant could want.  In fact, the 4000K color temperature matches that of direct morning/afternoon sunshine, not the unpleasant blue glow of other common grow lights. 

Three programmable lighting configurations—8, 12, and 16 hours—allow you to customize the lights’ “on” time, depending on the amount of sunlight you require. (While something like a snake plant will do fine on the 8 hour setting, a vibrant and healthy aloe plant will need something closer to 16.)  The powerful and eco-friendly LED lights are rated for 25,000 hours and feature a conformal coating for water resistance.  The powder-coated steel frame comes in White, Black, or Emerald and measures 9 5/8” by 17 ¼”, extending 5 ½” from the wall; the included white power cord measures 5’ long.

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