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Red Pig Hazeltine Weeder

Blacksmith-Forged Here in America

Made in the USA

This tool might seem unusual, but it does exist in the historical record and was once quite popular among gardeners—and it’s back in production thanks to a dedicated Oregon blacksmith and toolmaker. Originally designed for weeding in hotbeds (that is, garden beds amended with heat-producing manure), it’s a fantastically versatile weeder.  In practice, it’s essentially a long chisel with several bends in it, creating cutting edges of different lengths to get in between rows of plants of varying widths—simply choose the side that best suits your needs. Pulling the weeder through the dirt cuts through weeds at the source. The tip is also sharpened, meaning every edge of the tool can be used, whether as a weeder or a narrow hoe. It’s a wonderful tool in your garden or raised bed. Cutting edges measure 7/8”, 1 ¾”, 3 ½”, to 4 ½” in length; the tool itself measures 13” in total length. 


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  • USA Made weeder


    Red Pig Hazeltine Weeder

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