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Red Pig Weeding Collection

These tools are made right here in the United States, hand-forged by a dedicated Oregon blacksmith and toolmaker. Not only are they beautifully designed, they're also incredibly effective. They stay sharp, last a long time, and provide the strength needed to cut through the toughest weeds and roots in your garden.

Hazeltine Weeder

This tool might seem unusual, but it does exist in the historical record and was once quite popular among gardeners. Originally designed for weeding in hotbeds (that is, garden beds amended with heat-producing manure), it’s a fantastically versatile weeder.  In practice, it’s essentially a long chisel with several bends in it, creating cutting edges of different lengths to get in between rows of plants of varying widths—simply choose the side that best suits your needs. Pulling the weeder through the dirt cuts through weeds at the source. The tip is also sharpened, meaning every edge of the tool can be used, whether as a weeder or a narrow hoe. It’s a wonderful tool in your garden or raised bed. Cutting edges measure 7/8”, 1 ¾”, 3 ½”, to 4 ½” in length; the tool itself measures 13” in total length. 

Dandelion Trowel

This Dandelion Trowel is obviously useful for digging up dandelions, whose taproots tend to grow quite deep—you may have noticed they always seem to find a way to come back after you’ve pulled them up. That’s not a problem for this tool, which gets down deep with ease. We also love this tool for planting bulbs, as it excels at one thing: making a deep, straight hole—and making it fast. The 8” shovel is sharp and precisely angled for easy digging, and it’s particularly useful if you like to layer your bulbs for multiple seasonal blooms, as you can stack bulbs at multiple depths in the same hole. The 8” shovel measures 1 ½” wide and is made to last. Since this tool is handmade, no two are alike and may show some indications of the toolmaking process.

Hand Rake

A beefy, heavy-duty steel hand rakes made in Oregon by a blacksmith who knows the value of a well-made, highly functional tool. Hand-forged in his workshop, this Hand Rake excels at soil refinement and cultivation, as well as clearing debris from under and around shrubbery. Loosen even the toughest, most compacted soil, or work amendments into your beds with ease. This six-tine rake uses tang-and-ferrule construction with a rugged hickory handle and heavy-duty welds. Goes where other rakes and cultivators can’t. It’s practically indestructible. Measures 11 ½” long and 6 ¾” across the rake face, with six 3” tines.

Digging Knife/Trowel

Lots of us have fallen in love with the Japanese garden knife known as the hori hori - its versatility as a digging and cutting tool has certainly made it a go-to in our tool tote—but this ingenious tool adds yet another layer of functionality to the mix. It retains the  signature blades—one serrated and the other smooth and sharp—but takes the form of a trowel, making it a formidable tool for digging and filling, in addition to slicing through tough roots. There’s no such thing as an all-in-one garden tool, but this one sure can do a lot. Hand-forged, it features a wonderful patina that will only look better with time and use. Measures 13” total with a deep, long 7 ¾” shovel. You won’t know what you did without it! 

Root Hook

Modeled on a tool used in the growing and maintenance of bonsai trees, but enlarged for your garden. The Root Hook can literally save the life of your plants. It’s designed to gently tease apart plants that have become root bound (or pot bound)—a common condition when root systems start to outgrow their pot and grow into a swirling, nasty tangle. If not treated, this condition will eventually choke the plant, depriving it of the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. One treatment for this condition involves slicing the roots before repotting or planting outdoors, but plants frequently don’t survive that kind of trauma. The Root Hook gently separates bound roots, without cutting or causing unnecessary damage. Measures 8 ¾” long with a 3” hook. 

Fulcrum Weeder

Simple, elegant, and made in the USA to last pretty much forever, this incredibly effective weeder is handmade by an expert blacksmith and toolmaker in Oregon. Operation couldn’t be simpler: dig the forked end of the tool down next to the weed or plant to be removed, then pull back, letting physics and leverage do their thing. Dandelions and other taproots are a constant hassle, but this Fulcrum Weeder makes quick work of them. Measures 13” long and fully handmade, no two are alike and may show some indications of the toolmaking process.

Individual Items

  • Blacksmith-Forged Root Hook

  • Blacksmith-Forged Dandelion Trowel

  • Blacksmith-Forged Fulcrum Weeder

  • Blacksmith-Forged Digging Knife/Trowel

  • Blacksmith-Forged Hand Rake

  • Blacksmith-Forged Hazeltine Weeder

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