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Retro Historic Aviation Goggles

It'll make you feel like you're in an old movie

Harley Davidson riders, pilots of historic open-cockpit planes, even bicycle riders concerned about blowing dust or roadside particulates - you've never seen anything as cool as these are. If you want to instantly stand out from the pack, this is one way to do it. Plus, they really work perfectly. Aluminum frames, very comfortable cushioned leather face padding and a middle hinge that is totally flexible, ensure that they are going to fit well - guaranteed.

Clear 2mm thick curved plastic lenses are standard but accessory lenses are available: Medium Gray (UV protection) and Bright Green (adds to sharpness of sight in sunny environments that also are shaded - moving from light to dark). The fact that the eye-protection function works extremely well is pretty terrific, but the added plus is that these are a huge amount of fun to boot. 

Made in Germany.

Individual Items

  • Historic “Aviator” Goggles

  • 2mm Green Lenses

  • 1mm Gray Lenses

Bundle & Save

  • “Aviator” (all lenses)

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