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Soft Hook Carving Knife

A Garrett Wade Exclusive. Carving wooden spoons is a classic easy-to-do hobby, and one of the best ways to introduce beginners to woodcarving. A decent spoon can be carved from block to soup spoon in a single afternoon by even a novice whittler, and that’s what makes it an excellent teaching aid – spoon carving delivers instant feedback and great satisfaction.

This Soft Curve Carving Knife has a 2" high-carbon steel blade and a 4-1/4" long hardwood handle. This knife allows you to create light curves and contours in your carving projects with minimal effort.

Together with the Straight Carving Knife and Soft Hook Carving Knife make up the Garrett Wade Spoon Carving Tools Set.

Helpful guides to get started with your carving knives:

A Primer on Green Woodworking goes over what green woodworking is and why anyone can get started with it.
A How-To on Crafting a Butter Knife is a perfect project for beginner woodworkers and for people of any level.

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  • Soft Hook Carving Knife


    Soft Hook Carving Knife

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