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Solid Brass High-Pressure Quick Connector Nozzle

On a recent trip to Italy we we’ve found this handy all brass High-Pressure Nozzle. It’s perfect for washing and cleaning around the house, patio, wheelbarrow, and yard. This little guy meets all our power needs, as it will turn your standard garden hose into something closer to a pressure washer. We love the powerful stream for washing the car, rinsing solar panels, blasting encrusted dirt off our garden tools, and removing mildew from that pesky north-facing side of the house. The quick-connect system makes it easy to swap in and out, and the price is right. Durable and functional: our favorite combination.

The nozzle is equipped with a quick connector, shop here for the corresponding hose end connector # 4.  For additional fittings, shop the complete quick change set.

Materials: Brass

Dimensions: 3.75"L x 1"W x 1"D; weighs .2 lbs


Individual Items

  • Solid Brass High-Pressure Quick Connector Nozzle - mist and jet settings


    Solid Brass High-Pressure Quick Connector Nozzle

Subtotal: $16.00
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