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Weeding Knife

This innovative long-reach Weeding Knife is designed to remove weeds from cracks in driveways and sidewalks, and it works quickly and efficiently. It’s the perfect tool for hard-to-reach areas and narrow gaps that tend to flummox traditional weeding tools. Quick and effective around the perimeter of a patio garden bed, or sidewalk, it also excels at digging, loosening, and aerating soil and small transplanting work. Light enough to use one-handed, it features a sturdy 9” hardwood handle for an overall length of 19". You’ll be surprised by how many uses you find for this handy little weeder.

A Pruning Knife You’ll Rely On

The first time we tried pruning with thisnife, we were convinced that it deserved a place in our go-to gardening arsenal. The blade-handle geometry is just right for a huge variety of tasks, from digging to weeding, at all sorts of angles, in all sorts of environments. A digger, a cutter, a weeder—we’re still finding new uses for it.

We think it pairs nicely with our popular Portable Bench & Kneeler for longer sessions (or for those of us who just like to treat our knees with extra kindness). Our beloved Grampa’s Weeder can take care of any pesky weeds that this one can’t, and it’ll save your back in the process. And once you’re done weeding, toss all your yard waste into our Flexible Oversized Natural Rubber Bucket—or, for larger jobs, our incredibly versatile USA Made Foldable Sturdy Garden Cart—and haul it right away.

Tools You Can Trust

Since 1975, Garrett Wade has been making and sourcing heirloom-quality tools for professionals and hobbyists alike. We collaborate with fine craftsmen and trusted family businesses from around the world to bring our loyal customers the finest, most durable tools around—ones that will be passed with pride from generation to generation. Our customers are passionate about woodworking, gardening, cooking and baking, home improvement, and the DIY ethos of making and fixing, and so are we. We stand by everything we sell, and everything we carry is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Weeding Knife


    Weeding Knife

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