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Yule Tree-To-Be

Grow Your Own Christmas Tree!

Most of us rely on big-box stores or professional growers for our Christmas trees each year, but if we can grow our own herbs, who’s to say we can’t grow our own Christmas tree? The brilliant folks at Idaho’s Potting Shed Creations have made it simple to do just that. You can grow it to the ideal size before harvesting it for your living room decorations this holiday season or leave it alone to grow and thrive for years to come!

Yule Tree Specifications

The Yule Tree-to-Be includes everything you need to get started including:

  • Scotch Pine Seed
  • Coir Seedling Pot
  • Bag Of Soil-Less Growing Medium
  • Metal Saucer
  • Aluminum Tag
  • Growing Instructions

All these pieces are enclosed in an environmentally friendly jute bag. The hardy Scotch pine, a long-needled blue-green conifer, thrives even in poor soil, making it an easy choice for growing your own Christmas tree. It reaches an ideal height of 7’ to 8’ in six to eight years — though your planting will show visible results within a month. 

Once it starts producing cones, you can plant even more trees! And should you decide not to harvest your tree when the time comes, it can grow up to 60’ tall and live 150 to 300 years. 

This is a unique and creative gift that’s perfect for all your environmentally-conscious friends! Shop gardening supplies and tools to find even more products for anyone with a green thumb.

Individual Items

  • Yule Tree-To-Be


    Yule Tree-To-Be

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