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Bailey Van Tassel

Bailey van Tassel:

Farmer, Cook, Mom

"Garrett Wade is a company with heart, celebrating small business, craftsmen, and the hobbyist- all things I believe give us great character when we're given the right tools. I just love their selection and approach to helping us get outfitted."

Soil Blocker Kit

Soil blocking is the most sustainable way to start seeds hands down. I'll never start seeds in plastic again.

Seed Library

This gorgeous wooden seed holder is a great companion while seed starting so that you don't lose anything or tip your packets over!

Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set

I love the sleek and simple design that won't weather (I'm always leaving my tools out overnight, eek!).

Ravioli Molds from Italy

These ravioli molds are essential for anyone delving into pasta making and, alongside some ricotta, will help me put my homegrown herbs to good use.

Hand-Forged Twine Holder

I love this gorgeous twine holder and it makes for wrapping herbs and garden gifts swift and easy.

Yankee Push Drill

This push drill is perfect for the simple DIYs or I put together like making flower presses and herb drying racks.

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