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Keep Pests Away with a DIY Garden Cloche

Keep Pests Away with a DIY Garden Cloche

Keep Pests Away with a DIY Garden Cloche

It’s no surprise that chicken wire, however, unpretty it is, is essential for me because I was raised in the backwoods! Chicken wire is something we use for EVERYTHING.

Last year I had a horrible ground squirrel issue, and these cloches were something I whipped up on a whim. All you need is chicken wire (I keep some around at all times) and wire cutters. Mine are from Garrett Wade, and they are superb! The trick with wire-cutters is to find some that require minimal muscle strain.

The video below shows how I make my garden cloches, but it’s the easiest DIY of all, requiring just a little bending of wires into shape.  

Cloche Making Directions

Step 1: Unroll Chicken Wire

Unroll chicken wire. It can be feisty, so get something heavy to hold it down. That makes it easy to measure and figure out where you need to cut. Seriously, the wire cutters are sort of a non-negotiable, because they do such a good job with chicken wire.

Bailey Van Tassel with Chicken Wire and Wire Cutters to make a DIY Cloche
Bailey Van Tassel cutting chicken wire in half to make the cloche

Step 2: Make Your First Cuts

Make your cuts straight through the middle of the chicken wire hexagons, so that you're getting a straight, even cut throughout. Once you're done, put away the excess chicken wire.

Step 3: Cut It Again at Your Desired Height

I cut it the chicken wire in half where there's a solid wire running through the center. I make sure to keep that wire intact, so I cut right above it.

Step 4: Twist Your Cloche Into Shape

This is why I love chicken wire- it's so easy and malleable to make your desired shape. Make sure to watch out for any sharp points, but this step is probably the easiest one. First, close your cloche by bringing the two sides together and twisting the loose wires into each other.

Then, scrunch the top so critters can't get in there. And there you go!

To keep your cloches on your plants, consider using some landscape pins at the base.

It's not the prettiest thing, but it's so functional and easy to make. Good luck with those pesky pests this year!

Bailey Van Tassel with a cut piece of chicken wire to make the cloche
Bailey Van Tassel creating a cylinder shape with chicken wire and bending the wire at the top to make a dome shape cloche

Video on How to Make a Cloche with Chicken Wire | Bailey van Tassel

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Written by Bailey Van Tassel

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