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Combination Knife/Rule

Designed by and made for Garrett Wade. Every pocket should have one!

This is an especially handy knife made exclusively for Garrett Wade. It combines a solid but very slim 2-bladed stainless steel folding knife with a 6" folding precision rule graduated in 64ths, as well as a metric scale. Only 3/8" thick, it weighs only 0.8 oz. Length 3" closed

It's entirely unique and is easy to carry. You'll use its rule all the time - guaranteed.

Individual Items

  • Combination Ruler and Knife for Crafts and Carving

    02N01.01  - Available 06/18/2023

    Combination Knife/Rule

    $47.50 $34.50
Subtotal: $47.50 $34.50

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