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The Ultimate Indoor Bokashi Composter

Hate throwing away food scraps, tired of smelly compost and bugs in your kitchen? Create nutritious plant food, and speed up the composting process with this sleek, indoor Bokashi Composter. Europeans have been using Bokashi for years to make composting more efficient. With its airtight design and activated carbon filter our Bokashi is odorless & cuts in ½ the time it takes to breakdown food into usable soil.

Using a bokashi, opposed to a typical composter significantly speeds up the breakdown of food waste, eliminates odors (since your fermenting, not decomposing) and makes incredible nutritious, free plant food.

The box includes a small bag of granulate bran (1.4 oz) and a carbon filter. You will love the ease of Bokashi composting and be enamored with your garden’s bountiful results.

Care Details: With the integrated plunger to compact the food, your Bokashi composter only needs to be emptied around every few weeks for a family of 4. When emptying the composter, add it to your outdoor composter and it’ll be broken down in ½ the time. 

How to Use: Simply put your kitchen scraps into the Bokashi composter, occasionally add Bokashi fermentation aid (looks like coffee grounds), cover, and plunge the handle to compact it down. Once a week, drain the “compost tea” through the spout, and then add the fertilized “tea” to your watering can at a 1 to 100 ratio, this is powerful, nutrient rich food! 

Dimensions: 10.6" Dia x 22.4"H; holds 2.9 gallons and weighs 7lbs

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  • The Ultimate Indoor Bokashi Composter


    The Ultimate Indoor Bokashi Composter

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