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Installing Rivets 101

Installing Rivets 101

Installing Rivets 101


Peening a rivet is a strong and useful way to reinforce a high stress area. Recently, rivets have been making a comeback due to their utilitarian strength and industrious look. In this video, we’ll show you how to set and peen a rivet to give your projects a sturdy connection and a professional look.

  1. Punch a hole through the fabric to match the size of your burr (washer)
  2. Insert the rivet shank into the hole
  3. Seat the burr over the shank and set with the rivet setter and a mallet
  4. Use the clips to clip the excess to just proud of the burr
  5. Use the doming tool and a mallet to peen over the end and permanently hold the pieces together

These days, we’re also seeing a lot of rivets on tote bags because it’s a strong and easy alternative to a machine stitch. The rivet has stood the test of time for its durability, strength and rugged beauty. In this video, we’ll teach you how to seat the Burr (washer) and cut the excess rivet shank down (just proud of the Burr). The Setter will peen over the cut-end permanently holding the pieces together.

Written by Garrett Wade

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