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Shop All Types of Garden Tools

When it comes to landscaping, general gardening, and yard care, Garrett Wade can help you find all-purpose essentials and specialized types of garden tools that ensure you can get the job done. Browse our selection of gardening tools for access to a premium selection of the best products from around the world!

Gardening Tools: Planting, weeding, and aerating all rely on specialty gardening equipment, and we carry just what you need to get the job done. Shop weed control tools and garden diggers to plant specimens of every size!

Backyard Habitat: If you want a thriving organic garden, you will need beneficial bugs in your garden. To attract them, you will need to create the perfect home for them. Shop Backyard Habitat tools

Pruning Tools: Snip a little and you can increase your bounty by a lot. Proper pruning helps ensure your plants get the nutrients they need to thrive. Discover loppers, pruners, shears, pole saws, and even leather sheaths that keep your essential gardening tools close at hand.

Watering: From garden hoses to fittings and nozzles, Garrett Wade has it all! Since proper hydration is important, make sure you deliver just the right amount with products like our essential watering kit and watering cans.

Weed Control: Don’t let weeds rob your plants of life. Get the types of gardening tools that help you keep your yard clear, including trowels, clearing hooks, root cutters, and weeding sickles.

Popular Vintage Garden Tools

Garrett Wade has everything you need for your gardening and pruning tasks! You’re sure to find all the most essential gardening equipment that you need to make your work easier and more efficient.

Stop running around from store to store to find that perfect tool! Since we carry so many types of gardening tools, you’ll be able to find even the most unique and task-specific tools in our online store ㅡ even lesser known vintage tools you can’t find anywhere else!

Better Quality Tools

For 45 years, we’ve helped our customers make tough jobs just a little bit easier. Now, we can help you even more with tips and tool guides on our blog. Find any type of garden tools you need and get advice from the experts all in one place!

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