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Beginner Woodworking Set

Build Your Own Set

A few tools are mandatory if you plan on cutting fine joinery by hand, or restoring a piece of furniture. Whatever your skillset and or interest level we have the tools to get you started. Create the perfect set with some of our best selling favorites. 

8" Dovetail Saw Along with its widely sought-after dovetail joint, the English-made 8” dovetail saw comes with a 20tpi blade and a beautifully-crafted beech wood handle. This sharp blade is perfect for making accurate and smooth cuts every time.

The 14” Tenon Saw excels at cutting its namesake joints, of course, and can be employed to cut boards to length, create dados, or cut miters with the aid of a miter box (or without, if you’re feeling brave!). Ours is filed crosscut with a relatively fine 15tpi, resulting in a cleaner finished surface.

The Long Angle Block Plane with a body of cast iron, a 1/8" thick blade, and brass knobs and brass cap, this is a tool that has the heft and steadiness to allow you to do good work no matter what the direction of the grain. Derived from the geometry of the historic Stanley 60-1/2 this style is arguably the single most useful and versatile woodworker's iron block plane available--no matter what the maker. And the adjustable mouth adds significantly to achieve very thin shavings if desired. Made in India by a very good tool maker we have known for decades, this is a tool that any woodworker (or budding woodworker) would be happy to have. It is, of course, not up the Lie-Nielsen standard but it is much more affordable on a limited budget.

The Traditional French Woodworking Brace with solid brass hardware, a gunmetal finish on the steel, and a beautiful wooden knob made of Kotibe (African hardwood). The all ball-bearing 3-Jaw chuck holds round or hex bits superbly, up to a half an inch in diameter. The handles are comfortable and the left/right and locking ratchet is exceptionally solid. With a 10" sweep, the brace is a subtle and quiet drilling tool that allows you to apply a large amount of very controlled torque.

Our 6 in 1 tool set at Garrett Wade is an excellent tool for any beginning wood carver, spoon carver, or whittler. This tool comes with six interchangeable blades fabricated from high-carbon steel. Two blades feature straight edges, one has an outside curve, and the remaining three have inside curves.

The Japanese Detail Trim Saw is essentially a very small keyhole saw. The fine tooth pattern and narrow (5/16") tapered blade is 5" long and has 13 tpi with minimal set. This results in extremely smooth, precise cuts in even the hardest to reach spots, as well as an extremely fine kerf. An excellent, highly functional detail saw for carvers, turners, modelers and patternmakers, it is unsurpassed at getting between crowded dovetails for final fit & trim. With a handsome Oak handle

Rosewood & Brass Try Squares are ideal whether you’re a weekend crafter working on a bookshelf or you’re doing fine reproduction and restoration work, you need an accurate square. These beautiful try squares make a unique gift or a terrific upgrade to your collection of tools.

Individual Items

  • 8" Dovetail Saw

  • 14" Tenon Saw

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