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Pair of Ornate Gate Hinges (17 ⅜" long)

These are incredible, stunning, iron gate and door hardware sets. We absolutely love the way they’ll transform any entryway. Each of these ornate fleur-de-lys style straps bears the marks and details of having been individually hand-forged by experienced craftspeople, right down to the hand-cut iron nails. You can easily picture these gates leading to a secret English garden. The integrated hinge screw (also made of iron) embeds deep into your post for total stability. Use it on a Dutch door, a garden or driveway gate, tool shed, etc. Two ornate iron straps and hardware are included in each set. Available in two sizes. The large measures 25 ½” L x 10” at its widest, with a 6” long screw bolt. The smaller set measures 17 ⅜” L x 7 ¼” at the widest point, with a 5 ½” long screw bolt.


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  • Ornate Gate Hinge Small


    Pair of Ornate Gate Hinges (17 ⅜" long)

    $145.00 $94.98

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