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Brownstone Boys

Brownstone Boys

Brownstone Boys

Gear Up for the Holidays with Barry and Jordan

The dynamic duo from Brooklyn are excited to share some of their favorite Garrett Wade products that would make for a welcome addition to any garden or home (or Brownstone).

"Thanks to Garrett Wade, our neighbors are all cleaning, pruning, planting, and beautifying the block with some amazing new tools. It's days like today we're reminded of the pride we have as a community and these new supplies are bringing us even closer!"

- The Brownstone Boys

Waxed Canvas Greenmarket Tote

This Universal Tote is made from the same heavy-duty, military-grade waxed canvas as our Log Carrier—the highest grade #10 canvas (sometimes called Wagon-Cover grade). This waxed canvas bag is treated the old fashioned way, with paraffin wax to produce a waterproof, rot-proof, and completely reliable material that's hard to wear out. This is a heavy-weight waxed canvas tote with durable cotton handles that will carry all the goods from your Saturday morning trip to the greenmarket. You can also pack a change of clothes for trips to the gym or beach, carry tools on roving jobs around the house, or use it to hold your laptop as you travel to and from work.

All Purpose Shop Hand Brush

Plane shavings and sawdust, tiny offcuts from perfectly chiseled dovetails, stray bits of wood from a long carving session — messes have a way of building up around the shop. We have a solution that’s built to handle it all: our wooden bristle brush that’s designed and crafted in Germany! Simple and hardworking, a few brushes over your workspace tidies everything up quicker than ever before.

Wooden Bristle Brush Specifications

Made with a sturdy pine handle and holly bristles, it’s useful all over the house, from the shop and the kitchen to the picnic table. At 11” long with 2” bristles, hang or stash one on a shelf so it’s always within reach. You can buy them individually, or save when you order a handy set of three.

Portable Leather Tool Bag Designed by Garrett Wade

Hand-Sewn by Master Leatherworkers

This fine full grain leather tool bag carryall is made from 1/8” thick Buffalo hide, with straps of cowhide and solid copper rivet fasteners. Measures 15 x 7 x 7” and weighs 1-1/2 lbs. empty. Designed by Garrett Wade to store and transport those few, select tools and fittings that we reach for 90% of the time to do chores and fix things around the house. Fits easily in any closet to have at the ready for whenever the need arises. This fine grain leather tool bag is sewn by master leatherworkers in the USA.

2 Gallon Stoneware Beverage Keg

This large capacity ceramic keg will look great on the kitchen counter, on the patio, or anyplace you want to have beverages handy for thirsty folks. A traditionally designed farmhouse-style piece, it takes us back to hot days of summers past when an imposing stoneware vessel like this would be cooling on a stone wall in the shade of a leafy tree, full of ice tea or lemonade (or both!). Unlike similar items, which usually have a plastic spout with limited durability, ours features a stainless steel spigot which will last far longer and can handle temperatures both hot and cold. Fully glazed both inside and out in attractive pale earth tones with blue designs, the beverage keg measures 12” H x 9” in diameter, and combines long-term practicality with classic rustic aesthetics, and will surely look beautiful in your home, whether in the country or an urban environment. Made in the USA.

Stunning Four-Piece Walnut Kitchen Knife Set

These gorgeous Kitchen Knife sets are made for us in Thiers France, one of the world’s pre-eminent cutlery centers. Available with either Walnut (shown) or Olivewood handles. Feature razor-sharp, forged, full tang stainless steel blades, and three solid brass pins to secure the handle.

The knife's razor-sharp blades are designed to stay that way. The long-lasting sharp edge comes from us using a unique stainless steel formula called 4116N. It's made in France using a proprietary mix of Nitrogen. This special corrosion-resistant steel means the blades retain their edge and stay sharp but are still easy to resharpen when needed. As a final step, each blade gets individually sharpened by hand on felt wheels to give the blades their polished, sharp cutting edge.

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Barry Bordelon and Jordan Slocum spent the entire summer of 2018 biking around Brooklyn in search of their dream home. When they finally found “the one” they embarked on a nearly yearlong gut renovation to bring their brownstone back to it’s roots. In addition, they quit their day jobs in software sales and marketing to focus on helping other homeowners to tackle their own reno projects under the banner The Brownstone Boys. Follow them on Youtube & Instagram see how they are keeping Brooklyn beautiful block by block.

Written by Brownstone Boys - Barry Bordelon and Jordan Slocum

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