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The Best Cookware Materials for Your Kitchen

The Best Cookware Materials for Your Kitchen

The Best Cookware Materials for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is your palace, and you’re not ashamed to say that you’re the unrivaled king or queen of this heavenly space — the heart of your home. But having excellent cooking skills is only one part of the equation needed to deliver home-cooked meals that shine. The other part is having good old fashioned cookware at your fingertips.

shelves of pots and pans made of the best cookware materials

The question is, what are the best cookware materials to use?

The reality is, various types of rustic cookware have unique advantages, with some cooking methods working better for certain materials. For instance, you want a pan that is sensitive to changes in temperature if you’re trying to saute vegetables. Meanwhile, you want a pot that will regulate heat if you’re trying to do braising.

Fortunately, at Garrett Wade, we offer a wide variety of cookware options designed for quality, so we can show which materials would best meet your needs. Here’s a rundown on the best cookware materials for your kitchen and why you need to add them to your chef’s arsenal now.

Black Iron

Black spun iron, one of the best cookware materials today, is an alternative to cast iron, which has historically been used in cookware. Spun iron is created by spinning discs of iron on lathes and then forming them over molds. It is superior to cast iron in one major way: It is a lot lighter than cast iron, usually 50% of the weight. You will no doubt appreciate this when you’re moving your rustic black iron cookware from your stove or oven to a countertop or tabletop.

However, matte-black spun iron is one of the best cookware materials for several other unique reasons, too. This material will ensure that food, such as a loaf of bread, is cooked evenly, as heat is distributed throughout the pan. Additionally, black spun iron is virtually indestructible, so it will stand the test of time while also requiring minimal care. This type of iron also works well in wood-burning, convection, electric, and gas ovens alike.

At Garrett Wade, our black spun iron pans each come with a natural coating that is Teflon-free and non-stick, as we pre-season the iron surface using flax oil. This is important for two reasons. First, the non-stick material makes removing your finished baked product from the pan effortless. Second, Teflon coatings are known to release gases after breaking down when overheated. Because we don’t use these coatings on our pans, you don’t have to worry about this potential health threat.


If you love baking bread, consider adding a ceramic bread loaf pan to your kitchen cupboard as well, as ceramic is another one of the best cookware materials. Our ceramic pan at Garrett Wade is especially ideal for baking small loaves, like a loaf of banana bread. Ceramic is an excellent material choice in the kitchen for multiple reasons.

First, ceramic pans, which are made from clay and then glazed for the perfect look, are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. In addition, the glaze placed on this type of rustic cookware is food-safe and lead-free. Ceramic pans can also withstand temperatures as high as 450° Fahrenheit — just one more reason why ceramic remains one of the best cookware materials.

In today’s non-stick cookware world, ceramic is relatively new. However, this surface material is widely regarded as being the most eco-friendly and safest material option. That’s why many home cooks and professional chefs gravitate to ceramic.

Baked bread up close


Stoneware is yet another must-have rustic cookware material for any serious cook. That’s because stoneware, one of the best cookware materials available today, is both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing.

At Garrett Wade, we offer a single- or two-quart pitcher made from stoneware that is striking yet simple — perfect for holding iced tea, lemonade, juice, or milk. However, stoneware pans for casseroles, baked pastas, and baked goods are also excellent additions to the kitchen. That’s because they can withstand extremely hot temperatures, they heat evenly, and they hold heat just as effectively as cast iron pans do. Stoneware pans also keep food items warmer for longer periods, which makes stoneware one of the best cookware materials for individuals who are hosting a dinner party or those who are cooking several items simultaneously.

Stoneware is also less prone to burning food compared with cast iron. Stoneware offers the benefit of being durable, long-lasting, and easy to use overall as well.


Another one of the best cookware materials is aluminum, especially when you’re looking for a sandwich press. At Garrett Wade, our aluminum sandwich press is durable enough to work well over campfires, in fireplaces, and on stovetops. This type of rustic cookware is ideal for making out-of-this-world toast, paninis, and grilled cheese.

One of the main benefits of aluminum is that it is ranked number two in its ability to conduct heat, right after copper. On top of this, it is responsive and wonderfully light. This makes aluminum a material of choice for large pieces in the kitchen, including not only griddles but also water pots, rondeau pots, and even roasting pans.


If your kitchen is lacking copper, then you’re missing out on another one of today’s best cookware materials. Rustic cookware made from copper is like no other in that copper is a great heat conductor, which means that it boils water quickly and cools down right away when removed from heat. In other words, it is highly responsive, which is why professional chefs all over the world prefer copper pans.

When you’re cooking on the stove, copper is especially recommended if you’d like to create an extremely fine sauce or do some sauteing. That’s because these tasks require a high level of control and precision — something that old fashioned copper cookware can easily accommodate. With copper cookware, you can expect your meats to be uniformly browned, your food textures to be crisp, and your fondues to be perfectly caramelized. On top of this, copper naturally adds beauty to any kitchen.

Keep in mind that abrasive sponges shouldn’t be used to clean copper cookware. Simply use dish soap and a sponge to wash your culinary piece as needed. Avoid putting the cookware in your dishwasher. Also, if you want to polish your cookware’s exterior, use polish or cleaner from a hardware store.

At Garrett Wade, we offer a gorgeous copper tea kettle whose handle is made of ceramic, so it won’t heat up when the rest of your kettle is getting hot on the stove.


Bamboo is also one of the best cookware materials for two reasons: it’s beautiful and it’s highly functional. Bamboo, which has been used for thousands of years, is great for steaming pretty much anything in the kitchen: rice, meat, fish, dumplings, vegetables, you name it.

What’s great about our bamboo steamer at Garrett Wade is that it uses no oil or minimal oil and retains nutrients, making it a healthy cooking tool. This type of rustic cookware also effectively absorbs moisture, so excess water won’t drip all over your food.

Bamboo steamers are also highly prized for their efficiency. When you steam veggies, meats, and grains (like rice) with these devices, you save hours of cooking time. Plus, this helps each food item retain its natural flavors.


Finally, no list of the best cookware materials would be complete without a reference to utensils made from olivewood. Fortunately, at Garrett Wade, we provide olivewood cooking implements that are sure to make each cooking job a breeze. Whether you’re mixing batter or stirring a meat and vegetable medley, our stirring spoon, mixer, and spatula will get the job done — and look beautiful doing it.

So, why exactly is olivewood such a great cooking material? For starters, it is not very porous, and it’s strong and durable. This type of wood is also rich and offers a lovely scent. Olivewood has additionally earned a reputation for being safe, for not scratching metal cookware, and for not adding harmful chemicals to your food.

rustic bowl with risotto and wooden spoon

Find the Best Cookware Materials and Tools at Garrett Wade

At Garrett Wade, we offer high-quality heirloom tools for workshops, woodworking, home use, and gardening. Our tools are designed to help save you effort as well as time on your tasks, therefore adding value to your life for years to come. However, our old fashioned cookware options, made using the best cookware materials, also stand out for being durable and helping you complete your culinary tasks with ease.

In addition to offering top-of-the-line products, we take pride in offering excellent customer service. You can call and talk to a tool expert about any of our offerings. Our support team will be glad to answer any questions you have and resolve your issues. Simply give us a call at (800) 221-2942.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our products and order your favorites today!

Written by Garrett Wade

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